Teaching the Game


Coaching and teaching a team sport is very difficult.  You have young players who do not want to fail.  Parents want the best for their kids.  There is plenty of stress to go around.  This team has always been about the development of the player and the success of the team.  How is that accomplished?

Baseball Mechanics: The How?

From the start of winter workouts to the last pitch of the season.  We talk, work, and execute mechanics.  Repetition in practice.  Application in the game.  Always building on the last step.  Specific drills for the swing, fielding the ball, running, and throwing.  We break it down into the simplest part, repeat, and then put the mechanics all together.

Baseball Academics:  The Why?  

Mental mistakes and physical errors happen.  The conversation is always why? Why did the throwing error occur?  My players understand that we focus on the fix. Learn from it and move forward.  The expectation is to make progress.

The Mind of a Youth Player:  

All kids are different.  They react different in bad situations as well as good.  The parents relationship with their son has a profound affect on their mindset.  My job is to understand your son and work with him on what it will take to focus his mind on the task  at hand and lead him to success. We emphasize the elements of the game that lead to team success.  We celebrate the details of the game.  Here are a few examples.

  • Quality At Bats
  • Moving a Runner
  • RBIs
  • Manufacturing Runs

While some of these produce outs, we build on what is a productive out.  How did it help the team?  We teach and work the details of the game.

Pitch Counts:

We keep an accurate count on the amount our guys throw.  We have developed a strong group of pitchers to carry us through the season.  While many teams use only 4 or 5 players (or less), we use up to 10 and typically 8 guys throw in a weekend.

Parents and the Coaches:

We ask that the parents stay away from the dugout.  Drop them off with their gear and drinks.  The three of so hours per game I have them is our time.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your son play.  From the outfield or high in the stands.  Having your son step away from Mom and Dad gives them some freedom to play and work without you.

Parents do not ask “why is my son playing here and batting there?”  We simply do not have those conversations.  I dedicate the entire season and winter workouts to transform your son.  Building a baseball player and young boy.  We accomplish that every season.

The Players:

The expectation from the staff is that each player will support their teammates.  We talk about supporting the guy next to you.  We emphasize that “you” are not perfect.  If your teammate has a bad day, pick him up, dust him off, and watch his back.  Someday it will be your turn and he will return the favor.

The Chain Keeps Us Together:

The parents constructed our “Chain”.  The Chain represents team chemistry and forming a bond.  We will not speak negatively about a teammate, coach, or parent. Never.  The chain is connected, with no single end.  Each player gets a colored tag to represent each season that is played for me.


How we talk:

W. I . N —- What’s important now.  Pitch by pitch.  Each At bat.  Each pitch thrown.  You cannot win the game without winning the inning, the at bat, the defensive out or the next pitch.

Finish Strong —- Whether we are up or not, we play hard.  All 6 innings.

Slow the Game Down —- Take critical parts of the game slower.  Clear your mind. Rely on your training.  Always know, your teammates and coaching staff believe in you.